yield1 [ji:ld] v
3¦(agree unwillingly)¦
6¦(give up fighting)¦
Phrasal verbs
 yield to something
 yield something<=>up
[: Old English; Origin: gieldan]
1.) ¦(RESULT)¦ [T]
to produce a result, answer, or piece of information
Our research has only recently begun to yield important results .
to produce crops, profits etc
Each of these oilfields could yield billions of barrels of oil.
The tourist industry yielded an estimated $2.25 billion for the state last year.
These investments should yield a reasonable return .
high-yielding crops
to allow yourself to be forced or persuaded to do something or stop having something
The military has promised to yield power.
yield to
The hijackers refuse to yield to demands to release the passengers.
Further action may be necessary if the leaders do not yield to diplomatic pressure .
Finally she yielded to temptation and helped herself to a large slice of cake.
4.) ¦(TRAFFIC)¦
[i]AmE to allow other traffic on a bigger road to go first
British Equivalent: give wayyield to
Yield to traffic on the left.
to move, bend, or break because of physical force or pressure
= ↑give
Ideally, the surface should yield slightly under pressure.
[i]literary to stop fighting and accept defeat
yield to [yield to sth] phr v
if one thing yields to another, it is replaced by that thing
= ↑give way to something
Laughter quickly yielded to amazement as the show went on.
yield up [yield sth<=>up] phr v
1.) to show or produce something that was hidden or difficult to find, or that people did not know about
= ↑throw up
New research has yielded up some surprising discoveries.
2.) BrE formal to give something that belongs to you to someone else, because you are forced to
He would never yield up the castle to the English.
yield 2
yield2 n
the amount of profits, crops etc that something produces
The average milk yield per cow has doubled.
high/low yield
Shareholders are expecting a higher yield this year.
yield of
a yield of over six percent

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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